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Looking for an affordable Akron, Cleveland web design company or marketing agency to help grow your business?

Just tell us your vision and goals...
we’ll develop a marketing strategy, website design and supporting promotions to get your business there.

The best in affordable web design companies with a full range of marketing services.

We are a local (Akron-Cleveland) web design and marketing company providing marketing strategies, branding, custom website design, digital marketing and creative services to companies across northeast Ohio. We work with small to mid-size companies bringing creativity, experience and success. If you're just looking for website design or a simply company that can manage your existing WordPress site, we can help. At no extra cost, we'll add in our marketing expertise to develop the right look and messages that get the results you're looking for.

ADVAN is led by seasoned marketing consultant, Julie Stout, who has provided innovative, successful campaigns to hundreds of companies in the Cleveland/Akron area. If you're looking for a marketing consultant to develop and execute winning strategies to move your business forward, Julie Stout can help. From website design to comprehensive direct mail campaigns, we can develop an effective marketing program to achieve your business development goals.

ADVAN is proud to offer the Akron, Cleveland area's top team team of creative talent web designers, graphic designers and marketing experts. The ADVAN team can develop a look, brand, Internet marketing strategy and combine it with traditional marketing to attract the right customers to achieve your business goals. We'll then present a look and strategy that gets your business where you want to go and create a web design and supporting collateral that positions you as the market leader.

What differentiates us from other Cleveland web design companies is how easy we are to work with. We do all the work, create the content, take great photography/video and treat your business as if it were our own. We are personally vested in the success of each and every one of our clients. We have amazing relationships with our clients that go way beyond just a web design. We are a major component in their ongoing growth strategy and success.

We love showing off our new website designs: [view site: Criminal Defense Lawyer Akron, Ohio > DUI Lawyer Akron Ohio]

To learn more about how we can help you strengthen your on line presence or to schedule a marketing / website design consultation, contact Advan at 330.688.1324 or submit your questions via our contact form and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

ADVAN Affordable, Akron Cleveland Web Design Company is Rated 4.9/5 based on 9 reviews on Google

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William G. Steiner, II, Director

Portage County Solid Waste Management District

The team at ADVAN, led by Julie Stout, surpassed our expectations for a completely new website design. The site is easy to navigate and maintain. The District has received nothing but positive feedback about the “new look” site.

I would highly recommend hiring the team at ADVAN for your website design. The staff is courteous and takes the time to thoroughly explain how the site will work. They brought new and fresh ideas to the District to make our website standout and most importantly, extremely user friendly.
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Brad Tansey, Digital Media Manager

Dix Communications

Selecting ADVAN Design to assist in our corporate and news publishing website redesigns was a great choice. The team’s attentiveness, work ethic and quality of work is something we were very impressed by. I would highly recommend ADVAN Design to any business looking to partner with a web design company that takes your business needs and turns them into sustainable results.
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Jeff Schnied, President

Unistrut Service Company

Julie and her team took the time to listen and learn about my business. They also had the creativity and bandwidth to finish my redesign on time and on budget with outstanding attention to detail. The finished product exceeded our expectations…..well done and many thanks.

Ready to redesign your website to be mobile friendly? Talk to us 330-688-1324

Hiring a web design company is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your business and you need to know if a designer is a good fit before finalizing your decision. Even the best web design company might not be right for you, depending on your business's specific needs.

What are a few of the best questions to ask a web designer to determine which company is right for you?

  • • What are your credentials or qualifications? Not only should a web design company be professional and experienced, its experience should match your needs.

  • • How do you run your company? Is it a fully staffed company or are freelancers used? Do you feel comfortable communicating with the people who are assigned to your project?

  • • How will my project be managed and how is communication handled throughout the process? There are many ways of accomplishing a site design and you need to be sure your designer makes you comfortable along the way.

  • • Do you have any case studies from previous clients that showcase tangible results after a design/redesign? This is a great way to judge the results of a designer's previous work.

  • • What is the cost for web design? Remember cheaper is rarely better, but you need to know that what you pay for will get you the results you want.

  • • How much time is invested in planning and researching? There should be analysis performed on your business, your competitors, and the market in general before the building of your site begins.

  • • Is conversion and usability testing included in your price quote? Results-oriented designers test pages to ensure the best options are being used.

  • • How is current traffic analyzed before design decisions are made? Even the most lackluster designs can have some strengths and you want to incorporate those into the redesign.

  • • How will the design you provide help me achieve my business goals? Make sure you know your business goals before asking! Do you want to increase conversion? Overall revenue? Add to your newsletter subscriber list? Reduce bounce rate? By how much and in what time frame? All of these are important decisions you need to make before a designer can begin his or her work.

  • • What does follow-up look like and what is done if my objectives are not met? A website isn't a product you can return to a store if it does not work properly, so there should be a plan in place for adjustments if things don't initially go as planned.

The best marketing strategies are comprehensive. This means you not only need a website, you need it to look professional and represent your company. A logo is an important part of your professionalism and how customers recognize your brand. We can help you design a logo that communicates the message you want to send about your company.

And when you are ready to take your marketing efforts off-line, we’ll help you design marketing materials that suit your needs. As valuable as a website is, sometimes there is nothing like an old-fashioned brochure to share information with potential customers. We are a top ad agency that helps you grow in every way possible – on-line and with traditional marketing methods that even today, still offer success!

Our goal is to help you achieve your on-line marketing goals in the best way possible. You have many options when it comes to hiring a freelance web developer and we know not all of them are what you need. Many developers make big promises for rock bottom prices, but you soon learn the quality is not up to your standards or there are hidden fees that drive the price up.

With us, you’ll know exactly what you are getting, for how much, and where you will be once the project is complete. Your business will enjoy a top-quality website that ranks high and is a great marketing tool you can use for years to come.

It’s no secret you can build your own website without spending a penny, and for business owners with a lot of time on their hands and some pre-existing knowledge of what works on-line, this can be a great way to save money.

It can also be a disaster.

Rarely do business owners have the time it takes to build a valuable website for their business that looks professional and accomplishes their goals. They are too busy running their business! Not to mention all the effort it takes to keep a site relevant and maintained once it is built.

That’s where we come in. We know you have free options, but we also know you want more than that for your company. We offer professional web design services that are a smart investment for your business. You’ll get the results you want that will help you achieve your business goals for years to come.

There are web design companies around the globe, but doing business with a local company can be one of the smartest choices you make. Our company is located just 30 miles south of Cleveland in Stow, Ohio. This means we understand Midwestern business values and we know what it takes to impress your local market. After all, it’s our local market too!

If you want the convenience and easy access offered by a local web design company in Cleveland, we give you just what you need. We offer face-to-face access to business owners in Cleveland and throughout Ohio. Our company takes pride in providing a “name with a face” to our customers and you can count on us to provide the best, most professional service because we are not just an anonymous company you found on-line!

Not all industries are the same and we understand that many in Cleveland’s industrial manufacturing industry struggle to figure out where their companies fit in on-line You have a niche market and you need experienced, knowledgeable marketers who can help you find ways to reach your potential customers.

We have spent a great deal of time working with a variety of industrial manufacturing companies and our in-depth experience can benefit you and your on-line marketing goals. Your products and services are unique, and your web design should be, too!

Working with a local web developer has its advantages.

We understand your market and we know what it takes to gain the respect and loyalty needed to grow your business in cities like Akron, Canton, and Cleveland.

In addition to knowing the market, we also know how beneficial it is for you to have face-to-face access with your web developer. We are a local web developer ready to help you achieve your business goals and make the most of your on-line marketing campaign.

We understand that not everyone’s experience with web developers has been positive. We also know that if you come to us after a rough experience, you might be skeptical and unsure what to expect. We want to do everything we can to convince you that choosing the right web design company is the difference between being happy and unhappy with your web developer.

Our web developers take the time to get to know your company and understand your needs and expectations. No two companies are alike, and while we have a great deal of experience working with industrial manufacturing companies and other businesses throughout Cleveland and the surrounding area, we know that each is unique. We’ll do everything we can to help you design and build a site that meets your needs and works for you.

Your business is unique and your website design should be too! The popular convention these days is to copy a successful design and stick with the trends that seem to be working. Though this can be safe, it does not’t communicate your message very well – you are a one-of-a-kind business that stands out from your competition!

We help you rise above with a unique, custom website design that enables you to make the most of your presence on-line Your business is one-of-a-kind and your web design should be too!

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential part of building a brand or business on-line Unfortunately, SEO can be a challenge for many business owners, especially when there are other priorities that come first. Hiring an SEO company is a great way to ensure effective results in search engine rankings without investing endless hours trying to crack the SEO code.

What questions should you ask an SEO company before signing on the dotted line?

  • • How will you improve my site's SEO? There is more to high rankings than just splashing keywords all over a site. Make sure you understand the strategy that will be used.

  • • How will SEO be incorporated into other marketing efforts? It takes a comprehensive plan to build a presence on-line for your company. You should have an understanding of all your options before deciding how to proceed.

  • • How do you measure success? The success of an SEO strategy should be based on measurable metrics and your specific goals. You'll want to know how many clicks there are to your site, how much time is spent on the site, what the bounce rate is, how many clicks convert to paying customers, and much more.

  • • Can I have a list of current and past clients? References can tell you a lot about an SEO company.

  • • Is local SEO an option? If you are a brick and mortar business (and sometimes even if you are not!), targeting your specific geographic market with SEO is essential.

  • • Will you share with me everything you change? You need to know that everything being used to improve your SEO is ethical and representative of your brand. Make sure you know how "the magic" is happening.

  • • How often will we communicate and how? Knowing what to expect in advance and ensuring an SEO company's communication strategy matches your own can avoid many problems throughout the process.

  • • What will SEO improvements cost? In addition to numbers, make sure you have specifics concerning where the money is going.

We put a tremendous amount of resources in testing and developing new SEO tactics. Rather than test them on our client's sites and put them at risk of dropping, we use our site as the sandbox. Strategies that we find effective, adopt on our clients sites. This is a key phrase / content heavy strategy that we are experimenting with.

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Local web design company providing graphic design and ad agency services to companies in the Akron, Cleveland, Canton area.

1865 Arndale Road, Suite D
Phone: 330-688-1324

ADVAN Web Design & Graphic Design

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Links to New sites that we've recently launched:

Unistrut :

Akron Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyer: Crimnal Defense Attorney Akron Ohio

Cleveland New Home Builder:

NEOPOP Point of Purchase Displays:

Rotational Molding Design

Rubber accelerators:Styrenated phenol

Our old Website

Bus Driver Training :

We work with clients across all industries from industrial manufacturing that focuses on rubber molding and very specific industries such as rubber to metal bonding. We have an extensive background in manufacturing crossing all industries including website design for all forms of plastic molding including rotational molding, injection molding, plastic machining, blow molding,
thermoforming, RIM molding, PU molding and PU equipment. We are outstanding at industrial
website design and search engine optimization for our manufacturing clients.

Since we're located near Akron, Ohio, the original rubber capital, we've worked with numerous rubber company web sites focusing on rubber compression molding, calendaring, rubber additives, specialty rubber chemicals, rubber linings / tank linings, secondary containment linings, semi-elastic belting and rubber molding from bumpers to grommets. We're just launched a new site for Western Reserve Chemical a manufacturer and distributor of rubber accelerators and antioxidants: TBBS accelerator and MTBS accelerator,From our plastics experience, we moved into machining working with mold manufacturers and then into working with a wide range of machine shop websites from general machining, large part machining and turning, grinding companies, stamping, plasma cutting and waterjet cutting and then began working with the machine tool manufacturers themselves. Each of these companies, we've substantially increased their businesses through an on-going stream of internet leads.

Our work in industrial manufacturing lead us to a clay flue lining company in Malvern who also owned a dress shop. Completely out of our wheel house, we began to dabble in the world of bridal gowns, prom dresses, homecoming dresses and pageant gowns. Today, we love working on high-end fashion e-commerce sites.

More links to clients industrial fans / Cincinnati fan distributor, a manufacturer of clevis pins and rivets. We're also performing SEO on a number of sites that we did not design, bankruptcy attorney in Akron, anAkron law firmschool bus driver training videos, 

We love the new site we designed for Ohio Garage Interiors garage cabinets and an amazing line of garage flooring. A new SEO client is a CAS# 95-31-8 | criminal defense attorney Medina and has recently added divorce attorney Medina / divorce lawyers /family law attorney to the words we are seeking.

One of our favorite clients, Phone Amublance is adding a second store in Indepence. We're currently working on the design of the inside of their new store to create a strong, consistent branding across all their stores. In addtion we are doing ongoing SEO work for.

We've added to our SEO clients the sister company of the School bus training programs, transit and paratransit bus driver training video programs. We built a site for this company a few years ago and now are starting and agressive SEO program to improve their site traffic for the search terms CNC machine shop Akron - Canton Ohio. An interesting new client converts Excel processes to database solutions - Filemaker Pro Developer

It's now August and again, SEO is becoming a big part of our business as we help small businesses grow. An old client, an Ohio machine shop, providing large turning, that we developed a site for several years ago turned back to us to help increase their leads through the internet. We launched the Summit Revenue site two months ago and now are working on SEO to achieve positioning under..

We just redesigned the Ohio Garage Interiors site and now starting on an aggressive SEO program garage flooring and garage cabinets

We've expanded outside our core industrial manufacturing businesses into the luxury apartment arena where we've developed multiple sites for high-end apartment communities such as this site for apartments Fort Collins, CO. Lastly, another favorite client produces bus driver training programs / bus driver training couses. A new site that we recently launched is for custom POP displays in Cleveland /point of purchase displays Ohio . An update to an existing site for laser hair removal Akron had us maintaining someone elses wordpress site.

Julie Stout is featured on WDD